Nordic Green Project – Sustainable solutions for Serbia

Nordic Green Project – sustainable solutions for Serbia” is an initiative of four Nordic embassies (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden) with the aim of presenting Nordic green solutions to the local public. Within this initiative, four conferences were held on four different topics (sustainable agriculture, renewable energy sources, waste recycling and green economy), with each of the four Nordic embassies hosting one of the conferences with the patronage and support of the remaining three Nordic embassies.

Ambassador of Denmark H.E. Sussane Shine hosted the first conference called “Sustainable Agriculture” in Novi Sad, where the experiences, knowledge and best practices of Nordic, primarily Danish and domestic experts on the topic of sustainable agriculture were exchanged.

The next, and also the second conference, was held in Belgrade called “Norwegian-Serbian partnership for renewable energy sources” under the auspices of the Embassy of Norway. The conference was attended by the Minister of Mining and Energy in the Government of the Republic of Serbia Dubravka Đedović, representatives of local self-government, domestic companies, the academic community and others.

The third conference was held in Čačak under the title “Efficient waste management flows: Public and private sector cooperation – Investments and experiences in Serbia and the Nordic countries”, which was opened by the Swedish ambassador Anika Ben David on behalf of the sponsoring country.

The Finns hosted the last conference “Nordic-Serbian Partnership for Green Business and Industrial Processes” in Nis. In the presence of representatives of embassies of the Nordic countries, local self-government, business and academic communities, the conference was opened by the Ambassador of Finland Kimmo Lähdevirta, Milan Ranđelović, director of science and technology park Niš, and Dragana Sotirovski, mayor of Niš. The conference discussed green and sustainable business, how to improve production processes, incorporate circular economy principles, digitize business and at the same time increase productivity and efficiency, while consuming fewer resources.

On the occasion of the completion of the “Nordic Green Project – Sustainable Solutions for Serbia” initiative for 2022/23. A ceremony was held in which ministers in the Government of Serbia, Tanja Miščević, Minister for European Integration and Dubravka Đedović, Minister of Mining and Energy, were present, together with all four ambassadors of the Nordic countries, Susanne Shine of Denmark, Kimmo Lähdevirta of Finland, Norway’s Jørn Eugen Gjelstad, and Sweden’s Annika Ben David.

Addressing the present dignitaries and media representatives, the host of the ceremony on behalf of the four Nordic embassies, Jern Eugen Jelstad, Ambassador of Norway, pointed out that the “Nordic Green Project – Sustainable Solutions for Serbia” inspired and increased interest and knowledge about what Serbia and the Nordic countries can do, that is to work together to accelerate the process of green transformation in Serbia.

Media support for the Nordic Green Project was provided by the Two Rivers agency.

Foto: Nordic Embassies