The countdown to the return of the popular quiz “The Weakest Link” to TV screens can begin! From March 21, every Tuesday at 9 p.m. only on PRVA TV!

The suspense has come to an end, the famous sentence “You are the weakest link, goodbye” will be uttered by our famous and favorite actor – Nikola Kojo! We will follow how Nikola will manage in his new role of host and what news “The Weakest Link”, one of the most famous television programs around the world, will bring us on Tuesdays from 21:00 on Prva TV.

The new version of The Weakest Link, produced by Prva TV, Two Rivers, and BBC Studios, will bring some positive drama back to our television screens and will be based on the original British format with a few unexpected, modern twists.

“I see quizzes as one of the healthiest TV formats. By competing with himself or with his family members, a person does what his purpose in life is: learn and progress! Karika is a quiz where ignorance is not tolerated. In my role as a host, I will try to be a little gentler towards the contestants. Mistakes are used to learn from them,” said Nikola Kojo about his latest role.

“We are very proud that Prva Television is part of this great project and that the globally popular show program is returning to our country after so many years. We believe that Nikola Kojo is the right choice for the host of “The Weakest Link” and that all fans of quizzes will follow us closely every Tuesday from 9:00 p.m., said the program director of Prva TV, Katarina Pavlović.

In each episode of the quiz, nine contestants will try to win the sum of 5,000,000 dinars by answering general education questions through nine rounds and putting the won sums in the bank. At the end of each round, the contestants will vote for the team member they consider the weakest link. At the very end of the episode, two contestants remain who will fight each other for victory and a prize.

“The Weakest Link represents a new and exciting chapter for the many fans of that show, Prva TV and us.” This is an opportunity to, with an innovative approach, entertain and involve viewers in a new edition of the quiz they enjoyed and loved 16 years ago, but also a younger audience. “Nikola Kojo, as a host, will lead us through the fastest and most exciting TV program this spring in Serbia with his acting charm and wit,” said Marija Vićić, executive director of the Two Rivers production company.

Applications for participation in the quiz are widely open, and all those who want to test their knowledge and prove that they are not the “Weakest Link” can apply via the e-mail address In the application, it is necessary to state the name, surname, and contact phone number, and the candidates must be of legal age.