Award for series “Connections” at the Cinelink Drama Festival

At the recently concluded days of the film industry CineLink Drama, the project of the drama series “Connections” received the “Women’s Voices” award under the auspices of the Slovenian Film Center. The awards were decided by a jury composed of: Nataša Bučar, Anamaria Antoci and Tamara Tatishvili.

This series, in the form of an anthology, explores various aspects of romantic relationships, delving into the essence of relationships and the psychology of the heroes of those stories, as well as the ways in which the environment affects them. The creators of the “Connections” series are: Tea Korolija, Maja Todorović and Srđan Šaper, the script was written by: Tena Štivčić, Maja Todorović, Slađana Perković, Ana Miloš, Staša Koprivica and Ljiljana Ćuk. Producers are Marija Vićić, Filip Đorić and Mirjana Jovašević. The series is created under the auspices of the production company “Adrenalin”, and in co-production with the company “Two Rivers”.

CineLink Drama days of the film industry are held as part of the Sarajevo Film Festival and bring together professionals from various fields such as screenwriting, production, directing and broadcasting. In July, program participants took part in an online preparatory workshop, which will serve as a basis for their projects . CineLink Drama strives to encourage creativity and collaboration within the South East European television industry. This project also serves as a platform for the presentation and development of original TV series projects, while providing useful networking opportunities and serves as a forum for project co-financing.

In addition to the “Women’s Voices” award, CineLink Drama also offers two prestigious awards: the Drama Award of the Croatian Audiovisual Center, which includes a prize of 15 000 euros, and the TV Drama Vision Pitch Award, for a project that will be presented at the “TV Drama Vision” event in Gothenburg.